New Article Published in JELIS

It’s my pleasure to announce the publication of a new article in the Journal of Education for Library and Information Science, which I co-authored with Michael Stephens.  This piece stems from research into The Hyperlinked Library MOOC that I co-taught with Michael in the fall of 2013.  Findings within the article reveal interesting themes regarding the potential for library and information science programs to enter into the MOOC environment to support continuing professional development; additionally, themes address self-reported student success rates and characteristics of success and what students gained from participating in the MOOC.  We also address places to improve our particular model.  Students identified some weaknesses with the technology and suggested some changes to the format, delivery, and content of the MOOC.

Michael and I have been presenting findings from the research nationally and internationally, and other work about the MOOC has also been published elsewhere; an additional article is currently under review.  We are currently seeking funding to create another iteration of the MOOC.

You can access the article at this permalink.

The abstract is quoted below:

Beyond for-credit offerings, some library and information science (LIS) schools are exploring MOOCs as a means to promote lifelong learning and professional development. Using web surveys and descriptive content analysis methods, this paper empirically addresses if, in LIS programs, MOOCs can fill a role and serve new populations of learners within large-scale learning environments. To do so, the authors use a MOOC they designed, built, and instructed as a test bed. Findings reveal that students did use the MOOC for professional development, that they expanded their knowledge and applied concept models learned in the course, and benefited from diverse viewpoints provided by the global community of learners. In addition to other findings, the research reveals that the authors’ MOOC model was successful and there is significant opportunity for LIS programs to serve the profession through large-scale professional development learning environments like MOOCs.

The full citation is:

Stephens, M. & Jones, K. M. L. (2014). “MOOCs as LIS Professional Development Platforms: Evaluating and Refining SJSU’s First Not-for-Credit MOOC.” Journal of Education for Library and Information Science55,(4).


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