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Holding Student Records in Trust

Some of us advanced the proposition that student records should be thought of as records that the institution holds in trust for the student.  We said that if we proceed from that premise, then the institution should reveal information in its records only when the student consented. Flemming, A. S. (1967). Confidentiality and educational information. […]

A Futurist Looks To Learning Analytics in 1969

Computers will always be important to schools for arithmetic processing, file maintenance, and report generation. Ultimately, however, the computer’s major contribution to the instructional process will probably come when it is used as an adaptive device, programmed to follow and aid individual students and to adjust itself to the individual needs and desires of its […]

Questions of Data Ownership on Campus

EDUCAUSE Review Online just published a piece I co-authored with John Thomson and Kim Arnold.  Our central thesis boils down to a not-so-simple question: Who owns student data?  Our goal was not to answer the question, but to start the conversation in earnest, especially given the data-rich environment of most higher education institutions and an ever-increasing interest in […]