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A Start-Up Moves Teachers Past Data Entry


Clever, a San Francisco company, recently put its online software into 15,000 schools. That is slightly more than one in nine American schools. Not bad for a product released less than two years ago.

The product is meant to improve class management, by enabling teachers to enroll and track students, normally a time-consuming process. Using a so-called “single sign on” process, students can access online resources from different vendors, and teachers can easily log performance among different classes and locations.

The idea for Clever came from a teaching stint Mr. Carroll had after college, first with Teach for America and then as a technical administrator for a school in Colorado. “He realized every piece of new technology created more work for teachers,” said Mr. Bosmeny. “They become part time data shufflers.”

Clever’s Security Page


It’s interesting to note their prominent description of FERPA compliance:

Clever is always completely FERPA compliant under the Education Services Exemption. We partner with leading school district security teams and experts to provide outstanding data stewardship, and vendors who work with Clever have agreed to use student data in total compliance with FERPA.

It reads like a TRUSTe certification.

Clever Receives Award for Clear Privacy Policies


Clever is an edtech platform that gives students a single sign-on to all of their learning applications and helps schools automatically keep those applications up-to-date with their student information systems. Ask most education companies about student data privacy, and they’ll try to duck the question. After all, what’s the upside, when another startup comes under fire for their handling of privacy every week?

We think about this differently at Clever, where we’re proud to stand behind our privacy policies. Clever co-founder Dan Carroll’s experiences as a former district tech director led him to hate the incomprehensibly opaque privacy policies that accompany school software. We wanted Clever to be a different type of company from the start – one that always put schools in control of their data. As a result, Clever’s privacy principles are crystal clear: Clever only collects data that schools explicitly share. Clever never shares data, except when instructed by a school. Schools always retain ownership of their data.