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“Zero Knowledge” Data Storage Would Secure Data Against Breaches, Hacks


Suni Munshani argues that consumers should not accept what are becoming commonplace data breaches.  Munshani advocates for a “zero knowledge environment,” or a data storage process that converts sensitive data and information into random letters, numbers, and characters while allowing for authorized use without hinderance.

Once consumers awaken to these issues, businesses that understand and act on establishing a zero knowledge environment will be able to acquire and keep customers based on their reputation for safely protecting their customers’ data. Centralized, data-centric security will be a competitive advantage. Privacy will be another trait or brand attribute customers use to determine whether they will do business with your company. Organizations that are not at the cutting edge of their industries when it comes to data protection should be fearful about losing market share to companies who do a better job at privacy.

We could very well be witnessing the beginnings of a revolutionary wave of users demanding vendors protect the data itself instead of simply building walls around it. The revolt is coming. But instead of protests and armed conflict, customers looking to gain back control of their sensitive information will have one of the greatest weapons at their disposal: a choice with whom they do business.

The Arab Spring of privacy is upon us.

Carnegie Mellon Research Team Gives Privacy Grades to Mobile Apps


The goal of PrivacyGrade.org is to help raise awareness of the behaviors that many smartphone apps have that may affect people’s privacy. PrivacyGrade provides detailed information about an app’s privacy-related behaviors. We summarize these behaviors in the form of a grade, ranging from A+ (most privacy sensitive) to D (least privacy sensitive).