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Can Data Measure Faculty Productivity? Rutgers Professors Say No


“They are undercutting my reputation in some ways and actually inflating my reputation in other ways,” he said. “It’s all intellectually dishonest.”

The data come from Academic Analytics, a company that measures scholarly productivity. It adds up professors’ journal articles, citations, books, research grants, and awards, and compares those numbers with national benchmarks. At the moment, the database includes more than 270,000 faculty members.

Faculty: Are You Being Watched?


Faculty members at Our Lady of the Lake University recently noticed some newcomers in their courses: administrators and staffers, including their department chairs and program directors.

Without notifying the faculty or asking for permission, professors say, the university has given administrators the ability to add themselves to courses in Blackboard Learn, the university’s learning management system. The faculty members only discovered the monitoring after a professor noticed the new names on the course roster while composing an email. Word then spread to other faculty members, who noticed the same in their own courses.

One faculty member, who is on the tenure track and spoke on condition of anonymity, expressed concern that administrators would read emails intended for students in the class — schedule changes, canceled class sessions and so on — without the context of what goes on in the classroom.

Yale’s Crackdown on Student Web Site Creates Another Headache for Administration


“I hope I don’t get kicked out of Yale for this,” wrote Yale student Sean Haufler in a blog post explaining why he had created the Chrome extension Banned Bluebook.

Haufler made the extension in response to the uproar last week over the university’s reaction to a student-made site, originally called Yale BlueBook+ and later renamed CourseTable which made it possible to compare course evaluations at a glance.  The creators of that site, fellow students Harry Yu and Peter Xu, were threatened with a disciplinary committee unless they took it down.

Deans’ E-Mail Accounts Searched at Harvard


Bewildered, and at times angry, faculty members at Harvardcriticized the university on Sunday after revelations that administrators secretly searched the e-mail accounts of 16 resident deans in an effort to learn who leaked information about a student cheating scandal to the news media. Some predicted a confrontation between the faculty and the administration.