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Consensus Framework to Support Patron Privacy in Digital Library and Information Systems


The Andrew W. Mellon Foundation has awarded the National Information Standards Organization a grant to develop a Consensus Framework to Support Patron Privacy in Digital Library and Information Systems. The grant will support a series of community discussions on how libraries, publishers and information systems providers can build better privacy protection into their operations and the subsequent formulation of a framework document on the privacy of patron data in these systems.

Taylorism Comes to Campus


Just because technology allows us to do something, should we? That’s a big question being asked in higher education when it comes to student performance tracking analytics and predictive analytics.

If you could create a new service called “The Library That Learns You,” would you do it? Imagine combining several emerging technologies, such as artificial intelligence agents, the Internet of Things, and wearable computers to build the capacity for a highly personalized library experience—but also an analytical system for identifying at-risk students who, at the point of need, could receive highly customized support from an academic librarian. Think of it as a more highly evolved embedded/personal librarian service. The library’s presence goes beyond just a link in a course, an announcement from a librarian, or an annual greeting welcoming a student to campus. The academic library lives in the student’s data core, intermingling with his or her devices, connected to his or her academic records, and having the ability to predict what the library can deliver next.