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‘It’s creepy’: Location Based Marketing is Following You, Whether You Like it or Not


There are 15 sensors in different businesses along Queen Street West that scan for signals emitted by such wireless devices, said Rob Sysak, executive director of the West Queen West Business Improvement Association.

These sensors, in this case made by Toronto-based Turnstyle Solutions, can follow a smartphone, tablet or laptop’s signal to track that consumer’s exact path. Whether they linger by the shoe rack or make their way to the register in the Fresh Collective clothing store, decide to head to Dark Horse Espresso Bar next, or return to the area in the future, these smartphone-sized devices are tracking it all.

How Does OfficeMax Know This Man’s Daughter Was Killed In A Car Crash?


It was no surprise for Mike Seay when he got yet another piece of junk mail from OfficeMax last week. It was a surprise that the letter was addressed to ‘Mike Seay – Daughter killed in car crash.’ What’s more, the address was correct.

Seay’s daughter was killed in a car crash last year, the LA Times reports. She was 17 when she died in the car with her boyfriend. This is public information as this local news story shows, but that it ended up in a piece of junk mail from OfficeMax stands as a cruel reminder of how personal information is sold bought and sold for marketing purposes today.