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Indiana State University Uses Swipe Card and Other Data to Improve Student Engagement, Run Early Alert System


Examples of how CRM for retention extends beyond admissions at Indiana State University:

  • Online education: Initial tests are underway to intervene if a student has not logged into the LMS by the first Friday of a semester, in which case the system automatically sends an email to the professor to check in with the student to see if there is a problem with start-up.
  • Financial aid: If a freshman student drops below the minimum 12 units required for federal financial aid each semester, the system automatically prompts the student success office to take immediate action.
  • Registrar’s office: If a student puts in a transcript request, instead of the boilerplate “we’re sorry to see you go” email, the student is contacted immediately by an advisor through the student’s preferred communications channel (currently undertaken via multiple systems, but moving toward a full CRM integration).
  • Event management: Emails automatically sent to qualified work-study students suggesting they attend a work-study fair.
  • Varsity athletics: Monitor and record feedback from professors regarding athletes’ academic performance and engagement (e.g., attendance and grade checks).