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Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Ordered To Reveal Use of StingRay Surveillance Technology


A judge Friday unsealed a trove of court documents that could shed light on a secret cellphone tracking program used by police nationwide.

The judge in Charlotte, N.C., acted after a petition from the Charlotte Observer to make the documents public.

Included are 529 requests from local Charlotte-Mecklenburg police asking judges to approve the use of a technology known as StingRay, which allows cellphone surveillance.

Baltimore City Police Used Stingrays, Other Unknown Devices to Surveil Suspects


John L. Haley, who works in Baltimore City police’s phone tracking unit, denied that his unit used stingrays (devices that collect data by mimicing cellphone towers to trick cellphones into connecting to them) to surveil cellphones, but he wouldn’t elaborate further, invoking a nondisclosure agreement with the FBI.