Christian University Requiring Students to Use Fitbits; Says It Won’t Track Sex

Oral Roberts University launched a program this year requiring incoming freshmen to purchase the Fitbit HR to track and forward wellness data to the school for a grade––but just how much of their activity will professors be able to see?

Back in 2011, there was a minor kerfuffle when people realized that their records of calories burned during sex were showing up on users’ public profiles and therefore in Google search results. At the time, the company offered “sexual activity” as a fitness category, and allowed users to log its exercise value on a scale ranging from “passive, light effort” to “active and vigorous.”

Fitbit since changed its default privacy settings and dropped the category from the app. But is it still possible to tell when someone is having sex based on their fitness tracker data?

Given that Oral Roberts, a religious university, forbids premarital sex in its honor code, this seemed like a particularly pertinent question for its students.

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