Securing Big Data for the Future, Or Why You Need a Data Rights Management Platform

Post for Umbel, a marketing and data analytics technology.

In all, we’ve reached a tipping point where big data seems safer than cash — and while that sounds frightening, it doesn’t have to be. The Internet has evolved and transparency and security are quickly becoming it’s cornerstones. Not unlike the honesty and integrity we attempt to achieve in the offline world, transparency and security won’t always be easy coming, but they will be necessary. Laws will one day protect these digital valuables, and in the mean time, data rights management platforms will fill the void, and will even help direct those future laws.

Is it possible to stay anonymous on the web? Sure — if you put in the work. The better question is this: is it possible to maintain data rights in accordance with what is moral, what is transparent and what is secure? Absolutely — and that’s where Umbel comes in to help.

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