Collecting, Organizing, and Preserving Diverse Publication Sources for the Good of One Community Archive: Legal Challenges and Recommendations

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Copeland, A., & Jones, K. M. L. (2017). Collecting, organizing, and preserving diverse publication sources for the good of one community archive: Legal challenges and recommendations. TGJ – The Grey Journal, 13(2), 110–122. Available from


Despite the extensive investment in fostering a culture of cycling in Indianapolis, Indiana, there is not yet a significant formal mechanism for documenting or analyzing the effects of these changes. A future goal of this research is to develop a community archive development processes/prototype application that will provide such a tool. Indianapolis is an ideal city for the system design as cycling infrastructure in Indianapolis is emerging and rapidly developing a cycling infrastructure development. The prototype (archive and mobile application) will be called CHIME: Citizen-data Harvest in Motion–Everywhere. CHIME will be designed to combine the data collected in the form of the various community voices expressed in a diversity of formats (images, video, textual narratives, and geographical information), along with overlays of geographic data to provide context. Before the technical infrastructure is built, however, the project designers must consider the legal and ethical issues involved with the capture of the kinds of data in support of building the prototype archives, which this paper does.

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