Dalhousie University

Thank you for your willingness to contribute syllabi for our research. As a reminder, only the researchers will have access to the syllabi you submit. Should you have any questions, please contact Kyle Jones with any questions.

To submit your syllabi, use the Box upload widget to the right.

You can only submit one file at a time. To submit multiple files, you’ll need to:

  1. Put the syllabi into a folder on your computer
  2. Compress your folder following the instructions below for your operating system
  3. Upload the new compressed folder into the Box widget.

Compressing folders on a Mac computer:

  1. Locate the items to zip in the Mac Finder (file system)
  2. Right-click on a file, folder, or files you want to zip
  3. Select “Compress Items”
  4. Find the newly created .zip archive in the same directory

Compressing folders on a Windows computer:

  1. Locate the file or folder that you want to zip
  2. Press and hold (or right-click) the file or folder, select (or point to) Send to, and then select Compressed (zipped) folder
  3. A new zipped folder with the same name is created in the same location