As a formally trained educator, I have had the privilege of honing my craft and the fortunate opportunity to teach students of various ages, backgrounds, and abilities since 2007.  Teaching brings out my passion for the academy, and I consider teaching students in library and information science to be a professional duty of care that I take seriously.

I see my students as highly motivated pre-professionals and individuals seeking learning experiences that will help them effect meaningful change and provide superb information services to their future communities.  I take time to engage each of my students in conversations about their professional ambitions, interests, and goals to spark important connections with them, but also to help me personalize my teaching methods and materials to their needs.

I consider assessment to be a conversation.  I carefully detail how students will be graded by discussing with them the grading process and by using comprehensive rubrics.  In addition, I explain to them that while a grade may be a final evaluation of an assignment, it can be the beginning of a discussion about their current state as a learner and how they may achieve at a greater level.  When my students are not succeeding in my course–either based on my assessment or their own–I work one-on-one with them to collaboratively craft customized learning strategies to help them achieve.

Future Courses I’m Teaching


  • Database Design, Spring of 2018 (online, graduate course)

Past Courses I’ve Taught


  • Information Policy, Fall of 2017 (online, graduate course)
  • Database Design, Spring of 2017 (online, graduate course)

For the iSchool at UW-Madison

  • Research Methods and Evaluation, Fall of 2015 (face-to-face, graduate course)
  • WordPress for Libraries, Fall of 2015 (online, continuing education course)
  • Digital Tools for Outreach, Summer of 2014 (online, continuing education course)
  • Social Media and Information Agencies, Summer of 2014 (face-to-face, graduate course)
  • Digital Tools, Trends, and, Debates, Summer of 2012 (face-to-face, graduate course)

For the Information School at San José State University

  • The Hyperlinked Library MOOC, Fall of 2013 (online, large-scale, continuing education course)
  • The Hyperlinked Library, Fall of 2013 (online, graduate course)
  • MOOC Research and Development (online, graduate course)

Syllabi and course reviews may be made available upon request.