EdTech Governance


Governing Edtech in Schools and Universities

As part of the Workshop on Governing Knowledge Commons series, my collaborators and I are developing a series of workshops to explore the governance of edtech and related data practices. The main purpose is to highlight the harms of underdeveloped governance mechanisms and raise awareness of governance practices that have proven successful. Participants in the workshops will work toward developing chapters for our book, Governing Edtech in Schools and Universities, to be published by Cambridge University Press.

Multiactor Edtech Data Ethics Advocacy (MEDEA)

The MEDEA project will conduct empirical research into policies and data practices associated with edtech consortia and their platforms; use participatory design-based action research to model and evaluate a grassroots edtech education, activism, and governance campaign transferable to almost any institution; and build and disseminate an evidence-based toolkit to increase edtech governance capabilities. The expected impact of this project will expand information science’s contributions to ethical information and data governance broadly, by focusing on edtech in higher education as one context of public/private socio-technical system crossover.


  • Currently applying for funding


  • Started: January 2023
  • Ended: Ongoing